Malocclusion of Teeth Causes & Correction

Published: 01st March 2010
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It is observed some persons have improper teeth growth resulting into teeth protruding a bit forward or there is defect in the alignment of the teeth. Because of this condition one feels inferiority complex and has inhibitions to smile generously by opening the mouth before people. For cosmetic reasons the affected persons look for opportunity to get the condition corrected.

The condition is termed as Malocclusion. It is within the ambit of an Orthodontist to undertake correction of such teeth pattern. The progress of the treatment becomes much better if it is started in early life.

Causes of Malocclusion of Teeth:

• In childhood milk teeth, normally there is more space between two teeth. In case the space between two teeth is reduced or absent, there is possibility of forward protruding of permanent teeth.

• It is caused by small size of the jaw in comparison to the teeth, which have a large size, resulting into outward protrusion or causing irregularity in their alignment.

• Genetic of the individual also has a role in the un-proportional sizes of the jaw sized inherited from mother and teeth from the father.

• The food habits also can be cause of this anomaly. Presently the children are not accustomed to chewing hard food, which involves more mastication effort. They eat chocolates and food pressure cooked, thus jaws and the associated muscles do not get exercised. The growth of jaw gets restricted and remains small and is not in a position to accommodate bigger teeth.

• When the child is not well looked after, they develop the habit of sucking their thumb. Such a habit if continued for a longer period can result in the protrusion forward permanent teeth.

• If a child has to keep the mouth open because of enlarged tonsils or nasal congestion, the habit of keeping mouth open can cause protrusion of teeth forward.

• The neglect caused to the milk teeth, having developed large cavities and pulling of the teeth, the permanent teeth grow in backward direction, because they do not get proper space for getting out.

• Growth of lower and upper jaws taking place not in the right proportion.

These problems can be better corrected if the person is taken to the orthodontist around the age of 12 years. The right time, when to carry out correction procedures may be left at the discretion of the treating orthodontist, who is the right person to make an assessment for starting the treatment.

If the gums are strong, attempt can be made to correct the protruded teeth in adult persons. For cosmetic considerations, transparent braces are also available, which are highly accepted by adult persons for undergoing correction of teeth protrusion.

Besides improvement in the look and great smile, the treatment of protruded teeth has following benefits:

• The gums become healthy and strong.

• There is help in removal of bad breath, because now the teeth are cleaned better. Absence of food decay stops bad breath.

• There is better mastication power, thus there is improvement in digestion of food.

• Formation of cavities is significantly reduced because of better oral health.

Myths & Doubts Clarified:

Extraction of Teeth:

Due to smaller jaw and bigger teeth, all the teeth find difficulty to get place in the jaw. In some cases the orthodontist advises few teeth extractions for providing space to other teeth to grow without protrusion forward or backward. This also helps in proper teeth alignment. There is a common myth that there is effect of vision on tooth extraction, which is an unfounded doubt of the patients.

Weakening of Teeth:

The patients have a doubt whether the teeth become loose with the pressure exerted by brace fixation on them. This again is not true. After the correction the teeth remain normal.

Presence of Spaces in between Teeth:

The careful treatment ensures that there are no spaces in between teeth. With the advances in the technology only few patients require teeth extraction and hence there are no spaces in between the teeth.

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